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Ni'lin has lost 1100 of its olive trees since the construction of the apartheid wall began in 2008. Some of them has been bulldozed, some of them burned, all of them a tragedy for a society dependent of the olive harvest. This website is a response to a local call to collect funding to replant the trees.

Our goal is to replant half all of the lost trees in January 2012. You can help by donating a tree or more, or by spreading information about this initiative!



Our goal is to replant half all of the 1100 lost olive trees in January 2012. Up to this date 258 persons have contributed with a total of


 trees and we have achieved


% of our goal. Based on the latest week we should reach our target by 28 April 2012.

Thank you!


01/09/2012 - 22:03

Recent contributions

Anonymous donor gave 2 trees 312 days ago.
Laura Allais gave 5 trees 565 days ago.
Jose de Ribamar Lins gave one tree 603 days ago.
Cajsa Ottesjö gave 7 trees 686 days ago.
Anna Marklund gave 5 trees 694 days ago.